According to the most recent reader survey information of our community publications, our readers hunger for the content we provide about their local communities. And 60 percent say they FREQUENTLY make purchasing decisions from our publications for products and services.

Our publications are well-established — some more than 100 years old — and are an active part of our readers’ overall lives and weekly routines. That longevity and connection provides our advertisers with better recognition and results.

Readers have the choice of reading our print publications or catching up on the latest community news online on their desktops, tablets or smart phones. Our content is delivered across all relevant channels to provide readers with better engagement. As an advertiser, we will help you create the right multi-channel program to maximize your ROI.

We are the largest, local community media outlet in the Metro-Denver marketplace. We reach and actively engage more than 300,000 local readers every week.

We look forward to hearing how we can work together.

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Jason Woodside