Local Community Connections that Enrich Lives

Community Connections that Enrich Lives

Thank you for your interest in learning about Colorado Community Media. As owners and local residents for more than 25 years, we have a vested interest in helping businesses succeed and are pleased you are considering becoming one of our business partners.

On November 24, 1866, with the publishing of the paper that would become our Golden Transcript — yes, 1866 and 10 years before Colorado’s statehood — we began an important journey towards creating community, enriching lives and living the democracy on which our country is built. The Transcript is the oldest of the 17 weeklies we publish, but the mission of all is the same:

We are integral to the fabric of the communities we serve.

We are a part of people’s daily lives.

We are the only local news resource in the Metro-Denver area focused on helping readers and community members enjoy a better life.

That passion for serving you locally with news and resources that create community drives us to be our best every day. The personal connection to our readers also provides you — our advertisers — with immediate credibility and value.

By delivering value to our readers, we will continue to succeed and thrive. In the past year alone, the Colorado Press Association has recognized us with 95 editorial and advertising awards. That excellence is a longstanding tradition.

And that longstanding tradition in excellence is what we will continue to provide you every time you open your weekly, log on to your local website or work with one of our marketing consultants.

Jerry Healey, Owner & Publisher
Ann Macari Healey, Executive Editor